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Welcome to The Vine Education Trust. Explore the services provided by including details of The Vine Independent Studio School, The Microsoft Academy and the Second Chances re-engagement programme
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Who Are We

Welcome to The Vine trust Group - Past, Present and the Future

The Proprietor

With foundations set firmly within the Christian Faith, The Vine Education trust is part of the Vine trust Group which is best described as a Community Development trust that is actively engaged in economic, environmental and social regeneration.
The organisation is structured to run an inclusive mix of services and facilities, which respond to the needs of the communities in which we serve, with the Christian Ethos as the cornerstone behind all activity.

Our projects include: property development, managed workspace, community businesses, arts programmes, sports and leisure facilities, retail and market space, town centre management, building restoration, environmental improvement, community transport, education work, employment training, information services, community development, social provision, health centres, horticulture and agriculture
and many more, across the West Midlands and Wales.

The Group is actively involved in partnerships and alliances with the community, voluntary, private and public sectors. As a development trust we occupy the space where the business, public, community and voluntary sectors meet.

In addition to the Vine Education trust, the Vine group has two other distinct social Enterprise and Youthwork subsidiaries click here for more information

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The Vine trust has been in operation since 1989, emerging as a direct result of the farsighted vision of local churches. The aim was to implement a system where 8 others had failed, to create an environment in support of the youth of Walsall who were increasingly seen as a burden to society in general.

For over 20 years the Vine trust Walsall, now a Community development trust, has designed innovative ways of engaging and progressing young people. We have recognised that there are young people of all abilities who might not otherwise reach their full potential in traditional school environments. Consequently we set up 2003 'Second Chances' Independent school. A registered 14 - 19 school that offers pupils, parents and schools an effective alternative that offers a more 'hands on' approach to learning, tailored to students' individual needs and aspirations.

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The Board

The Board has overall strategic control of the trust. In order to ensure effective control, the Board has delegated control of policy implementation and performance monitoring to other Committees of the Board and the Board members of our subsidiaries.
The Board and Committees operate in an open and accountable way. We embrace the fundamental need to set high standards of conduct and probity and this is embedded within the Code of Conduct for Members and Staff. In order to ensure that Accord maintains a high level of governance, we have a Governance Committee consisting of staff and Board/Committee members, which meets on a regular basis to monitor and further improve our governance.
Mr Kevin Davies

Mr Kevin Davis

Kevin is Chair of the VET board, and Chief Executive Office of the wider Vine trust Group

Mr Tim Swain

Headmaster of Queen Mary's Grammar School

Mr Gerry Denston

Is a former teacher and now an education business consultant, responsible for steering through the introduction of the New Diplomas in local colleges and secondary schools. Gerry is the chairman of our Second Chances School

John Proctor

A retired deputy head, currently serving as a magistrate.

John Duder

An experienced auditor, John also sits on the Second Chances board.


Chris Haydock

School Manager and interim head, of Second Chances

Dan Parkes

Walsall Studio School
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Our Ethos?

Christian values will underpin our worky. We recognise the heritage of faith that has supported many schools throughout the country through the years. The Academy will build on this heritage to provide holistic education to enrich the learning experience of every student.

Spiritual and moral development is a powerful resource within a school?s environment, reflecting the diversity of culture, ethnic background and experience in the local community.

So what exactly is meant by 'spirituality'?

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) defines it this way:

"The development of a sense of identity, self worth, meaning and purpose. It is about the development of a student's ?spirit'. Some people may call it development of a student's ?soul', others as the development of ?personality' or character"

SACRE - the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education - believes:

"That spirituality is concerned with 'whole child' development, taking an holistic view of education. A school that continues to address spiritual development will find that children become more ?ready' learners, willing to co-operate and contribute within the school community."

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Our Mission is

The Vine Education trust aims to be an exemplar in an education system where young people outside traditional school can reach their full academic and vocational potential.

The trust achieves its mission by:
Promoting a learning culture via the development of a wide range of learning opportunities and training programmes, which will equip
young people with confidence, aspirations, skills and the qualification required to achieve their goals and to sustain employment.

Key Drivers

Re-Engagement and Progression

Addressing the wide spread disengagement from traditional schooling which has resulted in an unacceptable number of students either dropping out of school or failing to attend regularly.
A student centred approach that will support each individual student to fulfil their potential within a personalised, yet holistic and integrated learning programme.

Innovative Approach to the Learning and Teaching Experience

Developing the skills and qualifications students need to succeed.
Giving young people a first-hand insight into the working world.
Developing non traditional facilities conducive to individual success.

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The Curriculum

Promoting a learning culture via the development of a wide range of learning opportunities and training programmes, which aim to equip young people with confidence, aspirations, skills and the qualification required to achieve their goals and to sustain employment


In partnership with major employers, we have developed a number of social enterprises that engage and progress the disaffected learner.


Our school personalises its curriculum to meet individual students needs.


We believe that our students are entitled to have all their achievements recognised and accredited and described in a way that others can understand. Our schools offer approved and transferable qualifications that recognise, record, communicate and celebrate achievement.


Personal and Social Development is a key component of our curriculum. Our tutors provide students with initial support and advice, whilst our professional guidance team offers a more in-depth service on careers and personal issues, working to recognised quality standards.

Excellent Facilities

Enjoy our cutting-edge facilities equipped with the latest technology and
encapsulated in our friendly learning environment.

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